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  • 20 March 2021
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I am using one of the excellent example boards from Microverse. The first thing I tried was to put it into Presentation Mode. I noticed that the order in which the frames are shown is not the same order as the frames appear on the board. In fact, there are some frames that don’t even  appear in the presentation. I like this feature, but I don’t see where this order is set or how to make this happen in a board I’ve created from scratch.

This is the template I am referencing:

I have looked in the Miro documentation, but I’ve been unable to locate the how-to.



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@MacGrif - The order of the frames in the Presentation Mode (and PDF export of the board) is determined by the order of the frames in the Frames panel:


You can open up the frames panel and rearrange as required:

The issue you will have with presenting the template you are refencing is that, while there appears to be 46 frames:

There are actually 63 frames on the board (because there are a few “frames” in “frames”):


So you would have to open the Frames panel and order the frames as you want to see them move to while in Presentation Mode.

You can read more about this in the Presentation Mode Help Center article.

@Robert Johnson Thank you so much! That was the missing piece that I didn’t have. Knowledge is power.

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Knowledge is power.

I couldn’t agree more!