Objects in Swimlanes Move

  • 4 January 2023
  • 2 replies

I have a flow across 4 swimlane rows

When I try to resize a swimlane it pulls down some of the objects in other swimlanes, not all objects and not always connected and i’m unsure how these objects are linked to prevent them moving.

Does anyone know why these objects might be linked?


2 replies

I experienced the same issue. I can’t help as to the root cause, but as a bandaid - I ended up selecting the objects that were linked to the wrong swimlane and nudging them around slightly within their correct swimlane (and then back into the correct spot), and that seemed to work.

Would love to know if you ever figured out the root cause!

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Hi @AllieR 


Sorry to hear about your issue with swim lane objects. In case it’s helpful, here’s an article about using the swim lane, which notes that content inside the lanes can’t be grouped or aligned. Not the best answer, perhaps, but it might give you some transparency in the issue.