Move a Personal Free board to a Work Team Plan

  • 25 January 2021
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I have a Miro account linked to my personal Gmail account which is on the free plan. 

My work place has recently signed up to a Team plan and I would like to be able to move the “work” boards I have created in my personal Miro account to my Work Miro account (I have different log ins for my personal and work Miro accounts) so that I can invite and share these with my work colleagues outside of my personal Miro account.

I am the owner of the boards I want to move in my personal Miro account but do not have the “move to account” option presented when I click the 3 ellipse dots.

Is there any way to enable me to move the boards in my person account to my work account? I’ve tried copying and pasting the content but this doesn’t work either as they need to be in the same browser and you cannot be logged into two different miro accounts in the same browser. 


4 replies

OK so I no longer need a reply to this - I managed to work around it. 

I found that by adding my personal email address to the “Work” team plan I was able to move the board across to the work account - I gave my work account ownership of the board and then deleted my personal account from the Work account and success!

Thought I’d just update this thread in case there were any others searching for away to link their personal accounts to move boards around.

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@Ange Blair - Nice work on figuring that out! There are a number of ways to do this and they are not obvious.

You mentioned adding your Free Plan account to your work account, which would have a cost associated with it. Another (free) way you could have accomplished this is to:

  1. add your work account/email as a team member on your Free Plan (no cost)
  2. because all team members on a Free Plan team can create/make copies of a board, from your work account, Duplicate any board you want to copy over:
  3. Once duplicated, you will be the owner of that board. Now you can move it to your other account:
  4. Once done, leave the Free Plan team.

Thanks for the reply Robert much appreciated!

Thankfully no extra cost involved we had a team member recently leave and I was able to use his Team spot we have already paid for! 

I wasn’t sure if I added the Work account to my Personal account if I would be able to move the board to the Work version so thought it might be better to just do it the other way but definitely good to know that it is possible to work it the other way and its less expensive too :)

Hopefully now that our work has an account all set up I won’t have to worry about it again!

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@Ange Blair - Good point about temporarily using the available paid seat 😉