Miroverse Templates do not load

Hi everyone, 

does anybody else have issues with using Miroverse templates? As soon as I try to add them to a board, the loading spinner appears but it never actually loads into my board.

Anybody got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Maija !

Sounds awful!  Sadly I can’t help - it works for me - but still a lot of people don’t know that Miro relies very strongly on the “cache” either in the webbrowser or the Miro app itself.

If you are using the app, you can select Help → Reset Application Data.  Or, if you are using a browser, you can either clear the cache (which can be awful, because the cache may help you for other sites you visit) - but thankfully most browsers support a “hard-reload” in which it rebuilds the page from scratch instead of using the cache. In the case of my Mac and Chrome, I can do a hard-reload by pressing COMMAND-SHIFT-R. 

So in RWSIH cases (Really Wierd Stuff Is Happening) I always recommend for the person to find out how to do a “hard reload” on whatever browser they are using - then give it a try.

Good luck!  Ken

Hi @Kenneth Ritley ,

unfortunately, this RWSIH case is not solved with a cleared cache… that’s usually the first thing I try. :-(