Miro Web Interface Slow Loading Issue

  • 18 October 2023
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I am reaching out to report a critical issue we are experiencing with the Miro web interface. Our team, based in the EU (Germany), has noticed a significant decrease in performance over the past few weeks. Historically, we have always been impressed with the responsiveness and speed of Miro, but lately, the interface has become slow to load, affecting our productivity and workflow.


  • The Miro web interface takes an extended period to load all UI elements, sometimes exceeding a minute.
  • This issue is consistent across multiple accounts within our organization.
  • We have tested on different devices and WiFi connections to rule out hardware or network-related issues, and the problem persists.

Given the consistent nature of this issue across various environments, we are concerned that this might be a widespread problem. Has there been any other report of this issue? Are there any ongoing updates or maintenance that could be affecting the web interface’s performance?

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