Miro Note and board loading

  • 1 August 2022
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Hello everyone,


since weeks, I’m experiencing a cursious problem…

I’ve created a board for a PI Planning, and I’m doing an ART Sync with my collegues POs and ScMs using Notes to track changes.

Since the beginning of july (maybe end of june), some people can’t display the Note (it’s simply blank, and it’s impossible to save anything in it). Moreover, for those who have this problem, it’s not possible to do any changes in the board…


We have check this page : http://websocketstest.com/

I’ve reported to the IT team to check if a Rule in the proxy or firewall has changed…

has anyone ever had this kind of trouble?


I have a licence and I share the board with everyone using a password.

Web browser used is Chrome

I also tried to duplicate the board but the trouble is still here.

For my part, I had this issue one time, and it never came back.

1 reply

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Hi @Benjamin DEUS 

Thanks for posting! At the first glance, your case requires further investigation, thus we’ll convert your post into a ticket. Please expect an email from us soon!