Miro Boards Constantly Loading

  • 15 April 2024
  • 1 reply

For the last few weeks none of my Miro boards work, the elements of the page are stuck and constantly loading:


I have tried:

  • Clearing cache/cookies
  • Checking webhooks from the help article
  • When I click on some of my board links they’re either stuck loading (as above), or they show this error (and my team are using them so they definitely work: 
  • I’m also not using any VPN blocking tools

1 reply

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@ruden - Thanks for the screenshot, and list of troubleshooting steps taken.

Do you happen to know what subscription type your Miro account profile falls under? For example, if your employer has a Business or Enterprise subscription with Miro, has anyone in your organization who is an admin of your Miro plan taken a look into this for you?