Miro board task bars not loading

A board I use quite often for a side project is no longer working.

The task bars are white and I can’t select or more anything on the board itself.

I get the same results on different browsers (tried firefox and explorer)

Does anyone know a possible solution?

Have also tried clearing all my cache and data. Not using a VPN either.

Thanks in advance!

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@John Walden - A few other things to check/possible solutions:

WebSockets - are they being blocked? More on this here:


Here's another article with some other things to try:


Have you tried the Miro desktop app?




Thanks Robert.

The desktop app works.

I tried all the other methods, but to no avail. Nothing about the way I work or my internet/computer setup has changed, so bit hard to understand why it would suddenly not work via browser.

Anyway, guess I will stick to the app for now.