Miro board I own does not appear in my boards

  • 21 August 2023
  • 2 replies

I own the Miro board and my registered email address is: [EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED TO PROTECT PRIVACY].

However, I’m unable to see the board in My Boards section after I login. Please help


2 replies

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@amrit karan - I removed your email address to protect your privacy, and the board link and it is set to “Anyone with the link → Can edit”.

One thing to check is the dashboard filter:


If it is set to “Owned by anyone” or “Owned by me” and you still can’t see it, then what happens if you open the board and click on the board title? Does the board info popup open and if so, what do you see?


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When I starred the board and look at it from my Starred boards page, I see the board is owned by someone with a Miro account profile configured with the name PRADEEP: 

So, you are likely viewing the board as a Visitor and the board is set to “Anyone with the link → Can edit”.