Miro Assist "Limit"

  • 27 October 2023
  • 1 reply

I recently had the pleasure of discovering Miro and, more recently, the incredible Miro Assist, in conjunction with Mind Maps. I must say, these AI tools have left me truly impressed. I've been conducting various tests to explore and become better acquainted with this fabulous tool. However, I encountered a sudden notification indicating that I had reached my usage limit.

I have a few questions regarding this limit. First and foremost, could you kindly clarify what the specific limit is for my account? Additionally, I'm curious about the best way to monitor my usage to ensure I don't reach these limits unexpectedly in the future.

Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to continuing my positive experience with Miro.

1 reply

I too have been exploring and enjoying the Miro Assist feature and am also curious about the response limit is. I’m currently experiencing the response “An unknown error occurred” and wonder if this has to do with said limit. 

Any additional information is appreciated. Thanks.