Mind Map - Align Child to Grid / One Another

  • 10 May 2020
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I am new to Miro and was just fooling around and loved the interface and flexibility of the mind map to create the workflows that I need.
The only feature that I couldnt find that was frustrating me to no end was the “Align / Distribute” function that is common space with other white boarding / drawing tools. I tried the auto align option for the Child groups, but that doesnt do the trick like I intend for it to and I am having to manually select each child and then align it to the grid. Any chance an align / distribute function is being worked upon or if there is already such an option, can one of you point me to it?
Thanks in advance.


1 reply

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Hey @mithun! Your question sounds great and I would appreciate if you could share some details.

Am I right that you’re referring to the align child nodes option of the Mind Map tool? Could you please specify your expectations regarding the option and provide more information on the ‘aligh to grid’ feature? That would be great if you could share a screenshot of your Mind Map with the minually aligned child nodes. It will help us understand how we can improve the current functionality. Thank you for your assistance!