Making kanban from existing cards

  • 13 February 2024
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We are using a planning timeline in Miro where every person is assigned several cards below a header (swimming lane) containing the name of the particular person so each person can easily keep track of the tasks (each task is a card) related to a certain topic under his/her name. For every task this person assigns a status (to do, doing, done). As a manager I would like to see the kanban of the entire team (as current status of the each card is assigned) without changing the structure my team is using. So basically they should just keep their swimming lanes with their cards and tasks, and from that information I would like to make a kanban next to it where I can quickly see the status of all the work. Is this possible to make such a set-up where each card is reflected twice, once in the 'swimming lane' of a person and once automatically in a kanban based on the status of the card.


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