Making a bell curve image in Miro!?

  • 14 November 2022
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Is there any Simple way to create (or import) a bell curve image in Miro? 

Specifically, I'm trying to replicate Geoffrey Moore’s “Technology Adoption Curve” from his excellent book, Crossing the Chasm.

But have not been able to find any training on how to do something like this. 

Any thoughts on how it can be done without turning it into a big time consuming project?

How would YOU do it?

Thank you in advance for sharing your insights! 

Have an excellent day, all!


3 replies

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@hoodleceo -

Other than manually constructing a bell curve using the quarter circle connector object, the simplest approach if all you were looking to do is share it or have the ability to annotate it would be to scan or photograph the diagram and upload it into Miro as an image.


Thank you, Kiron. Will figure out how to import an image & go with that. 

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