Looking to automate templates with rules is that possible in miro?

Alright, I think the answer is no, but coming here anyway in hopes that it’s possible. 

Our company uses Miro quite heavily and I’d like to integrate it even further. We run what we call a CRM Audit for our clients. This is where we essentially do a 100 point inspection on their CRM.

Is it possible to create a template and have check boxes or something that when checked off unhides a frame? Or depending on the whether it’s toggled or not hides or unhides various features. I’m looking to make it really easy for my team to do. Let’s say we have 100 things we look for. Can we just toggle and essentially have these frames hide / unhide and then generate a report with that info?

If miro is not the tool for this, does anyone know of other tools out there that might fit this description?

Thanks a ton!

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