Lock everything, then search - search not working properly?

  • 30 March 2021
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I have several frames (properly named). I highlight/choose all the elements/frames and lock them. When I do a search and click on one of the search results item, it’s not zooming me in to that searched element or highlight it. Is this a bug?


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@anev - I believe the behaviour you are describing is more a “missed requirement” vs. a bug. It also falls in line with a similar post about locking objects in/with frame, to which I reported to Miro support - have a look:

However, if you still want to report this to Miro support--even if just as feedback--feel free to follow the instructions in the How to Contact Miro Support Help Center article. I would suggest that you also share a link to this/your post.

Here’s a summary of the behaviour:

#1 - searching for locked object zooms in and selects it:


#2 - after locked, same:


#3 - unlocked frame around locked it, same:


#4 - frame around existing locked object, lock frame, same:


#5 - Frame around unlocked object, select both, lock both, zoom still happens, but object not selected: