Link multiple objects to one parent element

  • 16 May 2022
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Hello everyone, I have so many small elements that I want to link to one parent. Is there a way to do it automatically instead of doing by hand? 


P.S. I wish I could search by tags on Miro Forum. 

6 replies

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@leoimmi -

If you could post a screenshot from a portion of your board where you have some examples of what you are trying to create, it might clarify what you are looking for. 

Other than the mind map object, I’m not aware of other objects or shapes in Miro which automatically link components.


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@leoimmi When you say “link”, do you mean connect objects with connector lines or using the Link to feature? I interpret your question as the latter (i.e, adding the same  “parent” link to multiple objects) but I think @Kiron Bondale interpreted it as “connect to objects.” 🙂

@Henrik Ståhl I meant it as “connect to objects” :) 


@Kiron Bondale I have attached the screenshots of the issue. It sometimes connects to the right labels^ sometimes it creates new ones, somehow. Can I select three objects and connect them to “MAIN CONCERNS” without connecting them one by one?



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@leoimmi Unfortunately, you can’t select multiple objects and create more than one connection at once. I suggest you connect from “Main Concerns” to the three objects, and then switch line start and line end. Like this:


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About “sometimes it creates new ones, somehow,” could it be that you’re hovering (and then clicking) on the connection line after marking an object?


Hello, I have a similar question. But in my case I don't want to connect multiple elements using arrow but using link function. So that when I select a parent element, all child elements that are linked to it are highlighted. Can you please help me?