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I’d really like comments to be able to be placed above objects without attaching itself to that object, so when I delete to object without remembering to first move the comment off the top, the comment doesn’t also get deleted.


As an example. We have a map with a bunch of pdf files dropped on that we they use comments to provide feedback. Best feature for it as you can colour code and mark as resolved. However, after enough feedback has been received the pdf files get updated and the new version copied into Miro. I then replace the old pdf with the new one. When we do this we want to keep all the old comments for traceability.

At the moment to do this, I have to mark to show all resolved comments and then manually drag them over to the new pdf, then delete the old pdf.

I thought of putting the comment to one side so they’re not actually attached to the pdf, but these pdfs are sometimes pretty complex and without them being on top of very specific parts of the pdf it can be unclear what the comment thread is referring to.

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@Michael Blayney -

There’s no direct way to do this in Miro, but a workaround would be to create a simple frame around the object you wish to annotate, add a small sticky note within that frame and add the comments to the sticky note rather than the original object.

Feel free to add a wish list idea following the guidelines here for this enhancement suggestion: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know 🌠 | Miro


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In our Office @Michael Blayney we Post the Updated PDF directly below the reviewed PDF and add new Comments this way.

I discourage not “gluing” Comments onto an Object, I find it frustrating when Objects are moved on the Board and Comments are left orphaned/dangling in space.