Jira query in Miro doesn't find all relevant issues

  • 19 January 2021
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Hello. My company has recently started using the Jira integration, and it works well in general. However, there are issues with the query in Miro for some users - it returns a different set of results than when run in Jira. I am a company admin and tried running the query - Miro returned all expected results, but for another user, it missed some of the Jira tickets.

Are there any obvious reasons for this that I am missing? I assume Jira and Miro permissions shouldn’t affect this? The user with the problem has access to all tickets in Jira.

Many thanks.

1 reply

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Hi @C Howson,

The Support team will be best to address this issue. Could that user (who experience this problem) submit a support ticket, please?