Issues with Miro Academy Quiz - Unable to complete

  • 23 March 2023
  • 4 replies

When trying to complete the quiz to get the Miro Essentials badge: Getting started with Miro (Quiz) - Quiz | Miro Academy I receive the following error and am unable to progress the quiz. 

4 replies

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@William O'Neill -

Could you provide a screenshot of the error?


Hi Kiron, Thanks for getting back to me. I thought I had added the error message into my initial post but must have missed it. Please find it attached now. 

Error message from miro academy when progressing throguh quiz


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@William O'Neill - I will just able to complete the course and quiz from start to finish using Firefox on Windows 11 64-bit.

Are you able to try another browser?

If you are using a VPN or firewall, you could try disabling them.

I would also try disabling all browser extensions to see if that makes a difference.

Can you try a completely difference computer?

Please let us know if any luck with any of those steps.

Hey @Robert Johnson Thanks, I have tried in Chrome and it appears to be working fine. Looks like a bug when using Microsoft Edge Version 111.01661.51.


I have managed to complete the quiz in chrome with no issues.