Issue with the 'getting started with Miro course' in Miro Academy

  • 31 January 2024
  • 13 replies

I am unable to enter the key word (Collaboration) on page 2 of the course. I can’t click in the text box that asks for it and therefore I can’t complete the course. Please help!

13 replies

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@Justin Morris - I am able to type in the box from Chrome, Edge, and Firefox on Windows 11 64-bit.

The page I was on (have to scroll down and use the Next action to go to “Page 2 of 4”):

  • What OS and browser are you using?
  • Can you try another browser?
  • Another computer?



Thanks for the swift response.

I’m using chrome. Have tried another browser and another computer.

It’s not letting me attempt the quiz as it says ‘you do not meet the prerequisites’ (and I assume filling in this keyword counts as that as I’ve still been able to complete the course) So I think it’s something connected to my specific account and not being able to fill in the keyword is the ‘prerequisite’??


You can see the X in the ‘Enter the keyword; text box and on the submit button - nether respond when I try and click on them.

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You can see the X in the ‘Enter the keyword; text box and on the submit button - nether respond when I try and click on them.

I am at a loss here.

@Matt Mulholland, I have been looking around the Getting Started with Miro course and cannot find any mention of what the “prerequisites” are to taking the quiz. Do you know what may be going on here?

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@Justin Morris Apologies for the issue here! Can you please hard refresh your chrome and see if that allows you to enter they keyword? 

Hi @emily.roberts Thanks so much for the suggestion - I have cleared my cache and it’s not changed unforunately. 😞

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Hmm, I edited and republished the course in a way that I thought would resolve the issue. I’ll continue to work on this. Please keep me posted if anything changes on your end, @Justin Morris. Thanks!

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@Justin Morris, I just removed the keyword question so you should have no problem advancing through the course and continuing on to the quiz.

Thank you!

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@emily.roberts - Thanks for jumping in and resolving this so quickly!


Hi @emily.roberts

I’m assuming you work for Miro (?) so I wondered if you were able to go into my account and remove a couple of things that still seem stuck please. You can see I have a Miro Essentials Learning Path (that I have completed) in ‘Learning Paths’ and within ‘My Learning’ I have ‘Getting Started with Miro’ which I have also completed. 




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@Justin Morris Can you tell me if the issue has been resolved? I marked both your Getting started with Miro course and Miro essentials learning path as complete.


Yes - it’s resolved. Thank you!!