is it possible to put images into a collapsable box?

  • 25 December 2022
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My friend and I have a Miro board for our brainstorming sessions. One of our panels has hundreds of images in it and we dont always need to refer to it. However, every time we start Miro we have to wait for all these hundreds of images to load up and it may be the case that we dont even want to talk about that in this session. A collapsible box which contained all the images would be super helpful, where if we want to open it and load all the images we can, but if not, it stays closed. 
is this feature already in Miro or should this question be in the requests list? 
(or is there another workaround maybe?)

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1 reply

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@j may -

you could try putting the images into a hidden frame on the board and see if that improves the loading/rendering performance - whenever you wanted it to be visible you could un-hide it. I’d suspect it wouldn’t as Miro would likely load all content regardless of whether it is visible or not.

Another workaround would be to have a second board with all of those images. Then, from the main board, have a Miro link or even a regular web link pointing to that board so that when you click on it, it would launch the images board. That way you’d definitely not have any wait time with the main board.

Hope that helps!