Is it possible to merge 2 different work email accounts into 1 ?

  • 8 August 2023
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I used Miro for 2 years and now my work changed my email. I no longer have access to that old email and wonder if the content in my previous email account in Miro can be merged with the new email account?? Any leads?

1 reply

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@robertfeliciano - If your work email address is from the same employer, I would suggest working with your employer to gain access to your old address for the purposes of logging into that Miro account where you could export your boards and restore them to your new account. It is unlikely that Miro would just move boards from an account that you cannot access into your new account.

And, again, if your new email address was provided by the same employer as your old address, and your employer has an Enterprise subscription with Miro, then Miro may work with your employer to migrate these boards to a new account - someone with the Company Admin role may even be able to do this on your behalf by utilizing the new Content Admin features of the Enterprise Plan.