Is it possible to have text blocks automatically aligning and moving along timeline?

  • 5 November 2022
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Hi miro community,

I’m desperately looking for a tool that can provide the following functionality, and maybe the venerated miro can help me with this, but I don’t know how:

I need a timeline on which I can add text blocks (each with a heading and a (possibly considerable) body of text. So far, so good - many tools provide that.

But then I need the functionality that text blocks automatically move to “make room” if I squeeze another one in between, be it a new one or because I move stuff around.

A nice bonus would be a functionality to also directly switch two text blocks around.


This is intended for ideation in story writing and unfortunately the tools for that purpose thoroughly lack text blocks “moving out of the way” when moving them around.

FinalDraft for example offers something where you can assign time slots to text blocks, but the blocks themselves don’t move, creating chaos.


Normal MIRO Stickies also don't make room, they just overlap.

But is there a possibility to make miro work for this scenario?


Thank you!


2 replies

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@Big J - Hello and welcome to the Commuity!

At this time, the only Miro objects that will automatically snap/move/make room for other objects would be the Kanban and User Story Mapping frameworks – I suggest you try them both to see which could possibly work for you.

Note: The both have their drawbacks:

  • The Kanban frame work will only let you align objects veritally in single columns
  • While the User Story Mapping object will allow you to place object side-by-side in a single column, there is only that: A single column. However, you could use text or stickly notes to name your columns.
    • The USM also has “release” swimlanes and requires a minium of one to be present:


Hi @Robert Johnson

thank you for the lightning fast reply!

Will check these out.