Is anyone else not able to export to PDF anymore in the Free version of MIRO?

  • 27 July 2022
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Went to export an update of my boards to be able to share with my team (who like hard copies of things) and the feature seems disabled. I did it yesterday so I’m extremely disappointed. Anyone else get this featured turn off for their account? 

5 replies

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@Jodi Hoebing -

I just did a quick test using my free account and it seems to be fine (small file size PDF export, that is):


Yes it’s weird. I created a whole new MIRO account and it worked in there but not in my current account… I don’t understand why? 

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@Jodi Hoebing -

Are you able to edit the board in question as I’m wondering if that board in particular might have been deactivated if more than 3 boards were created.

If that’s not the issue, I’d suggest copying & pasting content from that board to a new one in your new Miro account and then export it.


I am able to edit the board. And I did try to move the content into the new MIRO account and as soon as I did it disabled my ability to Export to PDF on that board in that account… although it would let me on the other board in that same account… makes no sense. I exported it just fine yesterday. :( Really mad, sad, frustrated...

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@Jodi Hoebing - I have a few account profiles spanning 5 Free Plan teams and the Export to PDF feature is working for me - Chrome Firefox, and Edge and Miro desktop app on Windows 11.

Without knowing which steps you are taking, I assume you are using the Export this board → Save as PDF and then the Export button is disabled?

Here is a canned response of some things to try.

  • If you are using a browser to access Miro:
    • Sign out and back in (a code change may have been pushed and needs to be picked up)
    • clear the cache
    • disable all extensions (opening an incognito/private browser window usually takes care of this for you)
    • Try a different browser
    • Try the Miro desktop app
  • If using the Miro desktop app, reset the application data.

Can you try from a different device/computer?

Does it happen for any other board participants?

You could also try duplicating the board, and then systematically deleting large groups of objects and trying the export again, to see if there is an object that is interfering with the export action - seems unlikely, but nothings impossible.