Ipad mouse not working after left click on iPad

  • 14 January 2023
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I have an issue when using a mouse on the Ipad pro that seems to be present on both external bt mouse as well as the keyboard track pad. The app does not recognize clicks and I cannot pan, add object or change objects. It is not the same as using the scroll wheel to zoom that I understand is an issue on the ipad. 


After a lot trial and error I have identified that the issue emerges once I have pressed the right (secondary) button (sorry noticed that I wrote left in the header which I cannot change, should be right). If I close the app and re-open it the left mouse button (regular use - add objects, use the menu, select etc) works fine. But once i press the right button to pan it all goes wrong. I cannot pan but get a pop up to “select all” and after that the left mouse button stops working. I can select certain menu options while other do not work anymore. I cannot select objects or add objects. Super frustrating.

I have tried changing settings in the ipad mouse options as well as change the navigation option in miro to mouse. 

I just started as a paying user for Miro and the problem has shown up after that (did not have the issue while using the free version). Seems like a coincidence but might be worth mentioning. 

The issue also seems to be present in both app and web version.

Anyone have any ideas on what the issue might be and how to solve it? Using miro with just touch screen is unfortunately not a very efficient work flow I think so this is really important to use miro.

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