Inviting team members as Guest Editors: Day Pass charged?

  • 13 November 2020
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Hi everyone! 

We’re just setting up Miro (with Business plan) in my organization and figuring out how to give team members access without escalating the Day Pass consumption. 

I’ve checked this article, this video from one of the community answers and this one from Miro course about inviting people to collaborate as Guest Editors whenever there’s no confidential information at risk (which is sometimes the cases and we’d like to avoid consuming Day Passes for these meetings).

One of the benefits mentioned for Guest Editors is that “they don’t need to sign in”.

Which got me thinking what happens if our team members are invited as Guest Editors but they’re previously signed in and set as Occasional Collaborators (and therefore eligible for Day Passes).

When we share the link to invite people anonymously as Guest Editors, what exactly happens with our team members who are Occasional Collaborators and whom we want to invite as Guest Editors as well?

  • Do they click the link and become Guest Editors, no additional cost?
  • Do they immediately consume a Day Pass since they join a board with editing rights?
  • Would signing out (or join in incognito mode) allow them to join as a Guest Editor for that board?

Looking forward to hearing how you handle it! :) 


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@Carolina Fonseca -

If they are not currently logged in to Miro when they access the boards you have shared via the anonymous guest editor link, it will treat them as a non-paid user. Because they already have an account in Miro, it should show them with their normal Miro screen names as opposed to the generic Guest X (e.g. Guest Designer, Guest Editor) type names.


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Thanks for the quick reply Kiron :) 

If they’re logged in to their Miro account as Occasional Collaborator and I share the “Guest Editor” link with them, do they consume a Day Pass?

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@Carolina Fonseca -

Yes, they would be treated as a paid user as the link is the same regardless of whether you go in as a “normal” user or a Guest Editor.


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Hi @Carolina Fonseca and @Kiron Bondale,

The team told me that Day Passes shouldn’t be consumed in case the board is set to public editing. Please let us know if it works differently for you!