Inviting participants for seminars

  • 8 December 2021
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HI everybody,


which payment plan do I need to be able to invite named guests for seminars? I don’t need them as team members because, they are only working on Miro for a couple of days.


Thanks in advance for some help.

2 replies

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@Erich Ziegler -

You could just use the Visitor access method ( which is what we use for the students in our courses. They have full edit access to our class boards, which we share publicly with a password. As part of our onboarding, we have them set up a free Miro user account, log in with that and then access the board so they show up with their names.

If the restrictions listed at the bottom of that Help Center article aren’t a constraint, that will be the cheapest (free!) option.


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which payment plan do I need to be able to invite named guests for seminars?

When you say “I”, if it is just you, then I would suggest the Consultant Plan at $15 USD/month when paid monthly, or $12/month paid annually. More on pricing here - scroll down to Consultant Plan →

With the Consultant Plan, you have access to both the Visitors and Guests features. You can see a difference between the two here:

named guests


Your visitors Miro account profile full name will show up, but only if they have created a Miro account. If you absolutely need for their name to show up, without them having to create a free Miro account, then you must use the Guests feature which is only available for the Consultant and Business Plans.