Identifying boards open for edit

  • 12 August 2021
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Is there a way to identify boards open for editing?  

We have a consultant plan and will often open up boards for guest editing - “Anyone with the link Can edit”.  We sometimes want to leave the board open after a workshop session for clients to finish up, or add some details not available during the workshop.

Is there a way to identify or flag ‘open’ boards (and particularly boards that are open for anyone to edit)?

I’d like to do an occasional audit of open boards (maybe month-end) and close out ones that shouldn’t still be open for editing.



2 replies

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@Martin L - Someone with development experience should be able to use the Miro Developer Platform’s REST API get a list of all boards in the team where the sharing access is not equal to “private”.

I have some development experience from 150 years ago, so I used the below documentation as a guide to quickly check one board in my team.

Here is the board’s Share settings at the moment:


And the results of the REST API call:

And if I change the board’s public access to Anyone with the link → Can edit:


I get:


Miro Developer Platform documentation on this here:

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Hi @Martin L !


There is currently no way to quickly identify publicly shared boards from your Dashboard view. This could be a great addition to our product! I can see that another user pitched a similar idea in our Wish List, feel free to upvote it or comment/submit your own idea.

Once the board opened however, you can directly know how the board is shared by looking at the symbol next to the share button. If the board is shared publicly, the symbol will look like this (see what other symbols mean here) :


Another option would be to star public boards that you want to audit, but I realise this will not be a convenient workaround if you already use the star feature with other boards.


I hope this helps!