I have some questions on the Miro Academy

  • 27 February 2023
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I am a current user Miro and I have a few questions on the Miro Verified badges that a Miro user can attain.

Having looked at the Miro Academy there are several courses that are available to Mio users.

I was hoping if you could help me with the questions below:

  • Could you provide a summary of the content of the following courses:
    • Miro Essentials
    • Mapping and Diagramming
    • Collaborative Meetings
    • Client Collaboration
    • Miro user support
  • Is there a cost to complete the courses detailed in the previous bullet point?
  • Does a user need to create a Miro account to complete the courses detailed above?


I find Miro to be hugely beneficial in how I work, and any information you could send me on would be much appreciated.




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