I dont have any boards and cant see how to. make one!

  • 15 June 2023
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Hi there

I have created a free account and there are no boards in it and no option to add any. It’s literally completely empty! I have no idea how to fix it! I’ve tried searching for a support answer bit cant see one. Anyone know how to solve this?


2 replies

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@laura coleman - Please send us a screenshot of your dashboard, e.g.:


You be a member of more than one team space and the space/dashboard you are viewing may be one that you are a Guest of, and not your Free Plan team, or a team that you are a full member of (if you are viewing a dashboard as a Guest, you cannot create boards in that team).

Here is how you would know if your Miro account profile (email) is associated with more than one team:


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Another question I would have is: How exactly did you create your account? Did you just go to miro.com and create the account AND your own team, or did you click on a link where someone invited you to collaborate on a board with you?