I can move more than 1 object at the same time (post-its etc)

  • 16 November 2020
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CORRECTION; I CAN`T move more than 1 object at the same time (post-its etc)When I am logged in to Miro I can no longer mark more than 1 objekt in order to move for example more then 1 post it at the same time. It worked before when I used my laptop mouse tracker, but not since I installed my new mouse.
No matter how I try to choose the “pointer” i still  get only “the hand” that is just moving the bord around and not any objects. 
It´s very disturbing. 

Thank you for any recommendations of how to solve this issue. 

Best regards


Best answer by Robert Johnson 16 November 2020, 16:02

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@Ebeth - I would suggest that you start by ensuring your board’s Navigation Mode is set to Mouse:


Thank you Robert! It helped! Although I had to chose “Trackpad” since the mouse didn´t work. But now I can navigate again :D Thank you so much!!!