How to set default line type as curved

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Its so painful to add a sticky and then change the line type from angular to curved, how do is et all line types as curved so any new sticky creates a curved line

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Please yes. In general, if you select a type, perhaps after twice or three times it should stay there. This used to actually work, I don’t remember having to always do this, unless the default has changed to angled?

same problem for me 

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I would like to see connection line preferences remembered at the user level:

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It would be great to have line preferences saved at a level selectable by the user:

  • User level
  • Board level
  • Frame level (a selectable option available at a board level)

Personally I want line connectors to be remembered at a Frame level. I have multiple frames on a board and they’re styled appropriately to the content.

Any traction on this? irritating when I’ve multiple frames that require different line types for the application to continuously change them

Upvote. Was just about to submit an idea. 

Created a new idea here:

i agree! we need to set default shape, arrow, and line styles!

I’m trying to create a tree and it’s a real pain to have to keep selecting all the arrows I’ve added and changing the type to curved
Preference wouldi be great or at the very least default to the last used type