How to revert changes

  • 11 April 2020
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I accidentally selected all the items on my board, deleted them and then refreshed the page. Now there is now undo button. I never downloaded a backup so I can’t restore the board.

Is there a way to revert the board to previous state?

36 replies

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This is a dealbreaker for me.

I gave my collegeaue who is unfamiliar with Miro access and she were in ‘tablet’ mode but used a mouse and messed everything up and then closed the tab to not save anything but the damage was done and it of course instantly was saved. No way to undo.

They should get a ‘history’ list so you could see old versions of the Miro.



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I have been using Miro (Realtime board) for over 2 years and this is really something that I miss the most - "the ability to revert changes".

At least Miro should do automatic backups.

I’ve just had the same while testing out Miro. Don’t think we can adopt Miro while this is unaddressed. Need a history with revert-to-version capability for board owner.


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Sorry, but this doesn’t help much.
I didn’t delete the board - I deleted the elements on the board. The board still exists.
ou may think of it as if I made some changes that I want to roll back, but since I reloaded the page the UNDO button is unavailable.

Could you please help?

I just did it too :(

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They replied, but we were able to undo quickly the changes.

I believe that the history revision is a fundamental feature. It will allow us all to breathe more relaxed… ;)

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Hey everybody! I can assure you this issue is something which is in our focus. As a first step, we’ve just released Content Recovery feature which allows you to restore recently deleted content. 

You can read more here

I hope it helps.

Same here… help needed urgently!

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Here I just been lucky. Saw it immediately and told everyone so it could be undone.

Some good news: support told me that the version history is on the making. :)

I agree there needs to be a way to revert a board to a specific point in time. It’s particularly useful if someone completely new to Miro accidentally deletes something and not realize it at all. 

I just made the same mistake, too. The Activity list does not (a) contain all of the deletes so I can’t restore all changes and (b) it is very unclear what each indicator in the Activity list means/relates to.


I desperately need to revert to the version that was there at midnight last night. Is there really no way to do this? That would be shocking.

Seems like there is the Western Wall right here. Thanks God I was putted only just about 40 stickers on the board till 30 of them are dissapear cause closing browser.

Miro has pretty design and UI/UX, but it doesn`t matter, if you can lost all of your work!

You guys need to iintroduce version control or history of changes straight to the boards asap.

Good luck! Going to search more safely instrument

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This might be similar to this one:

Consider giving it your vote :)

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Hi Nikita,

miro has a description how to restore your board here:

For any further help you need to contact 


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Hi Nikita,

sorry I cannot help. If there is any chance to get content back this could only work with the help of the support-team


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Thank you!
I will contact the support.

Thank you!
I will contact the support.

Have you been able to get an answer?
I just did the same thing you did, and am looking for a way out :(

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I'll keep my fingers crossed


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Another case. After a class (and while working on some specific small area), just zoomed out and saw that someone deleted the rest of the board. A saved history could be the most simple way to go out of this (maybe available only to the owner of the board?).

Same here, another case. A new colleague that is unfamiliar with Miro just accidentally deleted the whole board contents (hit Cmd-A and delete) and with it month of work. Did anybody find a solution to get the contents back?

I’m also in the same position? Were the support team able to help on this? I haven’t had a response for 2 days, though I did message on Saturday :sweat:

Same here. Accidentally deleted something and the browser crashed. We need to be able to revert to history points ASAP. Like...yesterday for me...

Please Miro, add a version history and regular autosave function. Please. This is driving me mad.

Me too. I just assumed it would save a history I could roll back too. :disappointed_relieved:  +1 for this feature. 

Completely incredible … Same thing here, 4 weeks of work with the client in four workshops are gone.
A simple idea to prevent this for the Miro developers: Just put a dialogue box saying “do you really want to delete everything?” if too fatal actions are executed … This is much easier the implementing a version history.