how to message all users in a team- education plan

  • 18 February 2024
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hello all. can someone share steps to messaging all users in a team? i need to delete them but what to message a notification first. i am on the education plan. thanks in advance!

1 reply

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@xtina webbΒ - There is no messaging system built-in to Miro subscriptions. And, while you could try using the @Team mention feature, any or all of those users could have @mention Notifications disabled.

You could

  1. Go to your use Team users page
  2. Select all of the text by clicking and dragging from the β€œName” column all the way down
  3. Paste into a spreadsheet
  4. Filter for β€œ@” on the name column to target all of the email addresses
  5. and then send a BCC email.