How to drag participants to the frames in the Presentation Mode?

  • 30 June 2020
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Hi all,

Being the workshop facilitator, we activate the presentation modus (as explained in the webinar and other Miro instructions), but our participants (guests) are still able to do changes in the frames and are still in working modus. As such, they're not dragged to the presentation modus even if we push ‘bring to me’.
Anyone who might know what could be the problem?

Thanks a lot,


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2 replies

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@Eva Baes -

Presentation mode just shows the board to YOU in a slideshow. Unfortunately, you can’t combine presentation mode and Miro’s screen share capability at present, so you’d need to combine presentation mode with a third-party screen sharing solution (e.g. WebEx, Zoom).


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@Eva Baes 

I stopped using "Presentation Mode" or "Screensharing" once Attention Management arrived. What I do these days is to use plenty of frames and use the Frames sidebar to click through a presentation. Just remember to bring back people to your current frame using Attention Management.

2 benefits that I enjoy:

  • No need to use another screen-sharing solution. I've done a 14-hour multiple-day workshop for 30 participants by using Zoom screen sharing only once. This was a 10-min "here are the Miro tools" show and tell at the workshop start.
  • You can get participants to engage and interact on the slides itself while you're presenting. Something like below. Breaks the monotony of listening to a presenter drone on in an online session.