How to add multiple DevOps cards using Azure Cards to Miro under the Enterprise Plan

  • 6 October 2020
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Is there a way to import an entire tree of work items from DevOps into Miro? If I want to bring, for example, all the items below into Miro I have to do it individually via the search of the title. This takes forever. Is there a way to search on ID and add multiple IDs separated with commas, or something easier? It would be great if I could search on a Feature in DevOps and then move the entire tree to Miro, or allow drag and drop from DevOps to Miro.

I’m hoping someone can help me...

I have to search individually for each one of the work items below in order to get it into Miro.




DevOps List I want to add to Miro..

Then perform the same search on the titles below, individually.


5 replies

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Hi @Tracy Dumpert,

I’m afraid, this is not currently possible. We’ve let the team know about your use case though :slight_smile:


+1 use case @marina

Good point @Tracy Dumpert 


Query support like in Mural would be a workable solution for us to solve this problem.