How much Data can a Miro Board handle?

  • 3 November 2020
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Dear all, 

I am trying to figure out how much data a Miro Board can handle? We are organizing a virtual event for a client with 250-300 participants which includes creating a virtual group picture out of uploaded selfies on a Miro-Board.

Therefore we would like to ensure a smooth functionality and are wondering if we have to identify a data limit for the pictures themselves.

Can anyone help? 


Cheers from Germany,



2 replies

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@Lina Reumann -

Sounds like a cool idea! I don’t believe there’s any published limit to the size of a board beyond the number of widgets limitation provided in this Help Center article:


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@Lina Reumann - Another article you may want to review is: How Many Users Can Collaborate on a Board Simultaneously as it talks about collaborators vs viewers and the absolute number of users per board (1000 at this time):