How many people can I see in video chat?

  • 25 March 2020
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I’ve read that 25 users can use the video chat feature for a video conference. I’ve not been able to find out how many of those 25 people can I actually see. Is it one active speaker system? All 25 in a gallery view? Something in between? Can it be changed?

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Hi @Karel Dolecek, duplicating the Support team’s reply for visibility:

You're right, up to 25 users can simultaneously participate in a video chat session. Only 3 people are shown during a video chat and 4 if you’re using presentation mode

I tried a large team call in preparation for a workshop and it stacks video one on top of the other. If you have a tall monitor you can see more people, but regardless it chops off the top and bottom regardless of how many people are there. This needs resolved.

Hi @Marina, like @Motionharvest and given the times that are living in and with everyone working remote, could you make some recommendation for the video chat features. 

Video stacks in one column, with what appears no option to choose who I want to see. Is there a better solution to A)see everyone and b)select the user that I want to view?



I also think that having more options with who you can see in the video chat is a much needed feature. 

Being able to see everyone on a call is super useful when you are facilitating.  An option to make the participants smaller to reveal more would be handy, or the ability to move them as a horizontal gallery would be help massively