How many members do i need to purchase?

  • 26 August 2020
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I read the documentation, but it is not clear for me how many members i should add in to Team Plan.

I am a Scrum Master and we are using Miro Boards for Retrospective, Mindmaps etc.

I am mostly managing all but they are contributing to our sessions in Miro.

What happens if they are not involved as a member?

Thank you.

1 reply

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@Yunus Emre BORA -

As you’d want all the members of your Scrum team to actively collaborate you can either add them all as regular full access users (paid) to your Team plan or you can share your Miro boards with them using the anonymous guest editor capability. The latter might lend itself well to retros if there is the desire to keep improvement ideas anonymous, but otherwise, the former is likely better.