How is Community Best Answer set & reste?

  • 19 August 2020
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I had a post i started and the best answer is set but I didn’t (knowingly!) set it

How/ who sets that?

Surely it should be the post author?


4 replies

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Hi there, @Simon.Harris

Sure, these people can mark the “Best answer”:

  • Author - the person who posted the question
  • Administrators, Community Managers, and moderators

If you think smth is wrong and the marked reply shouldn’t have been marked, please let me know via the private messages.


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Shouldn’t there be a 24 or 72 hr time lag? and maybe a way to reset the best answer as new one arrive - at present one cant afaiks  - If its just the first answer within 1-12hrs that rather defeats the point of ‘best’ (imho)

is there an explanation of the blue-bar under names? - I can reconcile its size to factors in folks history

also any update on how to see who is in the community? Its only possible to see someone’s profile by opening from a post & you can’t afaiks message by any other means

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The Community team manages best replies, so if you notice that smth is wrong, just let me know and I will fix it! :slight_smile:

Sure, this blue bar measures how much help a community member has given on a community, and how much they are appreciated by peers. 

I’m afraid no news for your last point so far - it is not technically possible to display all community members.

Btw, you can hover over the user’s avatar to see the profile (About tab) and and there you can also choose this icon in the upper-right corner to send a private message:


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thnx @Marina