How do you reference elements from other boards. Like the feature that is in Trello?

  • 19 July 2020
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Hello! This is a continuation of my topic here:


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Basically I am working on ‘User Story Framework Mapping’ at this stage.  This entire post is regarding ‘User Story Framework Mapping’.



I have a very large application with multiple user types, and user ‘areas’ of the application.  (See my original post).  I have broken the application into small boards to make it more manageable as I have 1500+ user stories for my application.


Overall Question:

My question is, how do I (or can I?) reference board elements from OTHER boards.  So in my original post I have split my application into (4) user story boards pending on the User role in which the User Story refers to.


Example Board Layout

  1. Board 1 | Public Area (where non-auth users can visit and what they can do)
  2. Board 2 | Standard users (User Type - A) - What authenticated standard user type A can visit and do
  3. Board 3 | Other User Type (User Type - B - what authenticated user type B users can visit and do
  4. Board 4 | App Admin User Type (User Type - C) -  this is like the ‘Facebook admin / Facebook staff user for reference.  This is what all User type c can visit and do.

Question Detail:

Can I reference elements from Board 2 to Board 1?  Such as if the ‘User Registration’ user stories are in Board 1, and I want to have Board 2 ‘link’ and redirect to Board 1 ‘User Registration Story’. Is there an option for that? I only see an option to link within the same board.



Thanks all!



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@hamster_elite -

You can definitely link elements from one board to another as long as you get the “Copy link” option when bringing up the context menu on the element. I just did a quick test and it launches the linked board in a separate browser tab and zooms in to the linked element.


Links to frames do not necessarily solve the problem. In my mind would be beneficial to have a ‘master frame component’ that is being edited on its original board but can be displayed and referenced on other boards. A use case will be when you have several boards each covering a particular feature, and a board where we show dependencies or integrations between them that would be great to show on each of the feature’s boards without having to navigate.