how do you move rows/column is ERDs?

  • 23 June 2024
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ERDs don’t have the 3 dots to drag and drop rows and columns. How can I move rows/columns in ERDs?


2 replies

I would like to know this as well. Would be a very useful feature to rearrange complex diagrams. Now I need to manually add a new row, copy the contents and remove the old row

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hi @Daniel Vera and @iGuido 


Sorry to hear about your frustrations with this diagramming tool. I checked with our product team and they confirm this is expected behavior, and not a bug. There is no drag-and-drop option available. The team is aware of this and it is on the product backlog.  As to when or whether this will be fixed, I have no answer, I’m afraid. 


The only workaround right now is a manual copy/paste. I hope this gives you some clarity.