How do I publicly share a board / template so that people can copy (but not edit) it?

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I have created a board with a number of canvases which I want to share with a public wider community so that they can use this board as starting point (template if you like).

I want them to be able to use it as template, i.e. copy it and make it their own, but not modify it.

What is the best way of doing this?  What plan do I need to be on for this?


Thanks so much


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Thanks @Robert Johnson. I figured it out. Since I am the admin, I went into the account settings and changed the permissions. Now I can see “Any with the board access”. Again thanks for help. Much appreciated.

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@Jeff Mignon - The Who can copy board content is the Board Content Settings setting that you are looking for.

Set it to Anyone with the board access:


And set the board’s public “Anyone with the link” setting to “Can view”:


Now any registered Miro account user--even Free Plan users--can duplicate this board to their account.

For example,

  1. open this board that resides in my team where I have set the Sharing and Board Content Settings to match the above.
  2. Click on the board title and then Duplicate:

Here’s the link to my Getting to Know Miro board:


NOTE: If you do not have the Board Content Settings option of “Anyone with the board access”, then a Team Admin will need to enable this:

Hey Roberts, this is what I see.


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@Jeff Mignon - 

I have “Team” account and I don’t see the drop down menu that is mentioned into the “Manage board content permissions” page.

What dropdowns do you have on the Share → Sharing settings → Permissions tab?

For reference, as a board owner, I see:



I have “Team” account and I don’t see the drop down menu that is mentioned into the “Manage board content permissions” page. What am I not doing correctly?


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Hi @Marcel Britsch, @Raechel Lambert! The option to manage board content permissions has been released and is now available for all Consultant, Team, Business, and Education plan users. Hope it may be helpful to your workflow :slight_smile:

Great tip! Didn’t know about RTB files but will give it a try!

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@Raechel Lambert -

Why not just download a board backup and save the exported RTB file for folks to download and restore to their own Miro environments?


Hi there,


I’d like to be able to privately share a Miro board template so that people can make a copy of their own. I don’t want to share this with the whole world via Miro Verse. Similar to making a Google Doc view-only but able to File > Make A Copy. Will this be possible soon?


So what happens if my board doesn’t get approved by the Miroverse team? Is there a way to share the template publicly, without using Miroverse?

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Hi again @Marcel Britsch,

We’ve just launched Miroverse, the community templates gallery. Here we showcase board from the Miro community, as well as their creators. 

If you’re still interested in sharing your boards with the world, we’ll help you turn it into a public template and get it published on the site. You’ll also get the added bonus of a dedicated Miroverse profile page, so all your templates will have a home together. 

Here’s a direct link to the submission form:

But if you first want to get into the details, you can also check out the Help Center.


Best, Kristin

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Hi @Marcel Britsch, If you’re interested in sharing your templates with the Miro Templates Library or as a community template, please send me an email at

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Hi @Marcel Britsch and @Kiron Bondale,

Great topic!

We are working on the solution which will allow you to share your templates with the community (a sneak peek is here 🤫). Stay tuned! 

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The only way that this might be possible with templates is to have your template added to the Miro templates library ( @Marina would likely know how to go about submitting a template to this repository.

For boards, the only option is sharing it view only with the anonymous guest editor capability. What I’m not sure about is whether it is possible to copy elements from a board which you are accessing as an anonymous guest editor to a board where you are a “named” user (i.e. under your company account). Again, I’d lean on @Marina or one of the other Mironeers to answer that question…


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Hi Kiron,
thanks for responding. greatly appreciated.

I’m afraid, it’s for an anonymous community. The idea is to make that board as template publicly available. A bit like what you can do on Google where you can make a document publicly / anonymously available but those accessing can only view and copy the document, not edit it.


So let me ask the question differently: what is the best way to share a set of tools one is building up on Miro with whoever wants to use them?


Maybe this is not possible on Miro, which would be a shame. Possibly rule Miro out for my purposes :(

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@Marcel Britsch -

Are these other folks who you want accessing the board going to be part of your company subscription or not?

If they are, then there are many ways to do this - you could create a custom template, or you could share an RTB backup of a board with them.

With folks outside of the company, if you don’t want to add them as users, the only option I’m aware of is to share a board with anonymous guest editors but as this capability is not (currently) password protected, there is risk of corruption or cyber-”vandalism” of your board.