How can I save or backup the board when i am not the owner?

  • 13 January 2022
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Hi there, I have a personal miro account which I want to save the board, but I am not the board owner. Is there a way to download the board? I am only able to make a copy of the board and that's about it.

1 reply

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@bear9861 - If the board resides in a Free Plan team, the board backup/download feature is not available:


If you want to download a backup of the board, you could

  1. Ask someone with a paid/education plan to do this - they could first duplicate the board to their account, just as you have down. They will then be the owner of the duplicated board and can download it as a .rtb file.
  2. You could create a new Consultant Plan team for one month for $15 and you could then move the board to this team and download it (or duplicate the board to the new team).

You can create a new team using the Add teams action: