Hide/unhide button is missing from a board I own.

  • 7 February 2021
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Hi all, The hide/unhide button has disappeared from a board that I own. the Eye icon is simply missing. Again, I own this board.

What could be causing that? How do I get it back?

Thanks all.


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@Brian Fulghum -

When you go to the Frames panel view, does it show up there for the frame in question?


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@Brian Fulghum - As the Frames → Hiding Frames Help Center article states, the ability to hide frames is only available on paid/Education plans and to the board owner, therefore likely causes here are one of the following:

  1. The Miro account profile that you are accessing the board as is not the board owner.
  2. If accessing the board in a browser, the browser is causing the issue (an extension, cache, bug in the browser code, etc.).
  3. If using a Miro app, there’s a bug.
  4. An installed custom Miro plug-ins (if any) could be causing the issue.
  5. A bug with Miro (in which case a Miro Support ticket is required).

Given the above, a few more questions in hopes of uncovering a reason why this is happening:

  • What type of plan does this board existing in?
  • Do you have more than one Miro account profile that you sign in with (and could be signed in with a different one)?
  • When you are on the board and click the title/name of the board to open the board details window, your name definitely appears as the board owner?
  • How are you accessing the board? Browser, app, etc.? Have you tired another browser, incognito window, a Miro app?

 ask these questions as I have three Miro account profiles, i.e., three different email addresses I can sign in with, and those three profiles belong to a combined nine different teams, under four Miro plan types, and therefore I have ran into a number of unintentional scenarios.

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HI @Robert Johnson  and @Kiron Bondale,  I access the boards for two accounts with my Miro App - my  personal free account, and my company paid account, which is my main account now. The board in question, is owned by me with my free account, hence the limitations. I had thought otherwise, and indeed, it’s hard to distinguish when accessing multiple boards that I own in one account or the other, to which account the board belongs. As Robert asked,

“When you are on the board and click the title/name of the board to open the board details window, your name definitely appears as the board owner?” Yes, I’m always showing up as the owner. It’s just confusing which account it is hosted in when you have tabs for various boards opened in the app.

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@Brian Fulghum - One tip I have and have used the past is to ensure that your Profile settings → First & Last Name is slightly different between your two accounts:


I did a quick test (changed my free plan account profile name to “Rob Johnson”) and found that te existing board’s “Board owner” is linked to this First & Last Name and will update in the board details window as soon as you change the name in your profile settings.