Help! Words Distorting When Zooming In/Out and Moving Around

I’m having a problem with the text in both Sticky Notes and just general square shapes with text in them where the text within gets distorted as I move around the board. 

Sometimes the text inside completely changes (it’ll duplicate a couple words over and over), it’ll have some words in a bigger font size and some in a smaller size, and other times it’s just plain weird, or words are getting shared between stickies. 

I’ve tried changing the sticky note sizes to Small, Medium, Large. I’ve tried moving the text into square shapes. And I keep having the same issue happen. 

This makes it really difficult to lead an effective meeting, because I have to double-click back into a sticky note or shape to actually see what the text is supposed to be. 


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Hi @Sarah M. This is a new one for me.

The first culprit that comes to mind is a browser or a browser extension is interfering with the Miro objects.

Are you using a browser? If so, have you tried

  • disabling all browser extensions?
  • an incognito window?
  • clearing your cache?
  • clearing your cookies?
  • singing out and back in to Miro?
  • another browser?
  • the Miro desktop app?

Does this happen for any other users on the board?

Does this happen for you on all boards?

Are you able to try from another device?

If you are on a paid subscription, you can also report this directly to the Miro support team - instructions can be found here → 

@Robert Johnson : Thank you for responding! 

For whatever reason, my boards are working again today. 

This HAD been happening for a couple days and across multiple boards. 

I’m not entirely sure what fixed it, but it seems to be okay now. The age old “Can you come take a look at this problem?” and then it fixes itself 🤷🏻 🙃


Will report back if I see it again!

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Hi @Sarah M 

Great to hear this worked out for you! Thanks for letting us know.