Has the Frames sidebar changed?

  • 14 April 2022
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I often use Miro to do presentations. I’ll create frames where I show the sidebar on the left and click through them (I know about presentations, but there are reasons this way works better at times - mostly in that I can jump around).

It used to be the frames were centered in the space to the right. Now they seem to center on the screen having the left part of the frame be covered by the sidebar.

I know they did an update.

Are other people seeing this? did they add an option to do it the old way? Or do I have to now go back and fix a lot of miro boards?

7 replies

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@Al Shalloway - The frames sidebar appears to have been changed, along with the frame centering behaviour. There is also no option to switched between list/thumbnail view, and they have added a add new frame action, and a presentation play action.

The Frames help center articles is not reflecting these changes, so perhaps Miro is conduction A/B testing:

Navigating between frames

Quickly jump from one frame to another, reorder and modify your frames in the board overview. Access it from the left bottom corner of the board.

Using the frames panel


I don’t see any way to change this back. I would suggest providing feedback to Miro via their support form:


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thanks. It looks like what you are showing is centering on the right. That’s what used to happen. 

I find this remarkable. I have spent countless hours getting my frames to center with the sidebar and now i have to go back through all of them and fix things. Or, more likely, change how I present (use the presentation thing so it centers properly, and take it off when i want to jump).  That may not be bad.  But a simple option would have avoided this issue. Having a tool dictate how it is used is aggravating, however.


i will submit a ticket.

this just confirms my belief that Miro’s dev group doesn’t attend to their clients.

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@Al Shalloway - The frames appear to be centering in the visible area again. Can you confirm you are seeing this too on your end?

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@Al Shalloway I have worked with frames quite extensively the past weeks and haven't experienced this behavior, despite updates to the frame sidebar. Could it perhaps have been a bug that has now been fixed? Are you using the desktop app or a browser (in that case, which one)?

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The frames are working again. It was a known bug - but no one bothered to tell anyone about it.

others had this problem besides me. 


Re the app, for most of this time that wasn’t working either. :) 

I don’t like the new frame sidebar. Too busy, and only useful for a specific use case (presentations).

I think these should be options that are activated/deactivated in settings.

The original list, with a text-only list mode option was much more usable than the thumbnails view

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@Henrik Ståhl / @Al Shalloway / @Valerio Zanini - I just heard about a few changes in the Frames panel -- not sure if these have been enabled on all subscriptions (I am am seeing the change on the Team, Free, Consultant, and Education Plans).


BONUS: I am also noticing that newly created frames have a background colour of white vs. being transparent.