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  • 20 October 2020
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I have purchased the consultant plan, would like to draw my client’s input on certain topic in the board. Can the person who receive the link edit the board without log in nor installing Miro app? Provided that I have completed the permission setting. 



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@Don Chan & anyone else reading this: If you ever need to in a pinch, you can edit boards on mobile via the Chrome browser, it's just not a very pleasant experience. You just need to select the Desktop site option.

Note: I can't say for sure that every single possible feature will be available, but I have been able to do everything I need when I have done this, e.g., modify card details text which you can't even do with the Miro mobile app.


Now you'll have all menus/toolbars:


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Hi @Don Chan,

I’m afraid it won’t be possible to edit the board on mobile without installing the Miro mobile app. 

@Robert Johnson Thanks for your message, all you mentioned is done (hopefully nothing incorrect re the fundamental setting). The problem still exist, does only allow the guest ‘editor’ to view and comment.


This situation applies to guest editor who use mobile user, but not laptop.

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@Don Chan - You are correct. As long as you have set a board’s share settings to Anyone with the link → Can edit, then anyone with the link can edit the board in a browser as an anonymous Guest Editor and without having a Miro account. You can even password protect the board too.