Google sign-in for Webpages (iPad)?

  • 11 February 2021
  • 2 replies

I cannot open links from the iPad app on a webpage that requires a google sign-in. I need to sign in to access content, but it repeatedly loads the google sign-in page.


Anyone else encounter this issue?

2 replies

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Hey @Matthew Stephan,

The team told me that when we work in the tablet app and click external links, they open in the in-app browser, which requires a separate sign-in. This is expected behavior now. Do we get your question right?

Hi Marina,

This works well for quickly opening links, the issue comes in with the site I am trying to access.

To view the content, it asks for a Google sign-in (I use Google Sign-in for Miro), and when I click to sign in, it repeatedly goes back to the google sign-in page making me unable to see the content.