google drive integration error

When I want to authenticate my google drive integration into miro I get the following error

{  "error" : {    "message" : "Internal Error",    "reason" : "internalError",    "code" : 500  }}

When I check my google security 3th party. To see if there was a connection made it does not show miro


trying to do this on a iPad Pro 2022



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Google Drive apps should catch and handle all errors that might be encountered when using the REST API. This guide provides instructions about how to resolve ...A server error within Google Search Console is a type of error message that indicates a problem with the server that is hosting a particular website. This error will occur when a user tries  2048 cupcakes   to access a web page, but the server encounters an issue trying to fulfil that request. There's a free uptime tool that's super easy to use. Just click the web(http) tab, enter your URL into the box, and click the Check button. You'll see the website's status and response times on 50 servers across five continents. You can also use this tool to test page speed, ping, and trace.15-Feb-2023

I managed to fix it by going to settings in Miro, then to the tab ‘integrations’ and logging out of Google (blue icon with a white letter ‘g’) and logging out of Google drive. AFter logging back in on both it worked and I didn’t get an error.

I am having the same issue on my imac.